Who are you? 

Who are you? Those words I don’t remember them anymore, but eyes, they look a little familiar to me.

Your hairs? What’s wrong with them? Why they are quoted with different colours? I don’t like them.

You are different now! Who are you?

Your hands are shaking! What are you trying to console? 
Oh! The scars, I remember them, hell I do. You kept them alive all the way long? Why would someone do that.

You are not what I believed you would be. 

You are different now!

 Who are you?

Jamais Vu (Nothing is ever fimiliar)

​I’ll pretend that this is what you’d want.

For me to be happy even if it wasn’t with you.

If we didn’t have faces and just saw souls,

I don’t know if I’d recognise you anymore.

But we used to be the same.

I’d pretend we still were on behalf of my memories of you,
But its like holding hands with a stranger.

I haven’t loved you for a long time.

But I did for a long time.

And I can’t help but hope that you are happy for me.

The pursuit of happiness.

​I have fallen so hard,

I’ve roared since dawn,

But I haven’t found happiness.

They told me to earn gold,

And then said I’ve been doing this wrong.

Now I wonder where is my voice,

Realised I’m left with no choice.

They asked me to dance on their rhythm,

Like its their life and their decision .
I’m crawling in front of them,

And asking for this to end,

But I haven’t found happiness.

They told me it’s not rare,

I can find happiness every where.

They told me I can learn to smile,

If only I can see who is mine.

And so I thought this is not a difficult task,

All I would have to do is ask.

Sought through the storms of life,

Found no one to call mine.
Now I’m screaming so high,

Tired of hearing voices in my mind,

Still they got issues with my life.

Thought I should give up this time,

But A voice in my head echoed so high,

Told me to still my inner pond.

Because this is where happiness is found. 

Believing in myself was the answer,

Now I shouldn’t bother the audience. 


​Some Days I feel like telling You to stay where you are, and others I feel like asking you to come back.

I’m so tired of standing still-

and of waiting.

But even if you come back.

Our talks wouldn’t be the same, uncertainty has a certain awkwardness.

I know I’m not

the same that is-

Or certain for that matter of anything anymore.

How could I be when I was left?

Not even for someone else but just because you didn’t think I was good enough.

Freindship does not prevail, it cultivates and yours was infertile.

How could I be the same after something like that?


​I don’t have staying bones,

They’re hollow and light.

The only thing missing are wings.

I don’t have a staying heart

It has a habit of wandering into reaching hands.

I don’t have a staying mind,

My thoughts leave,

to find you all the time.
I don’t have a staying anything.

But I would have stayed for you.


tYou get too close it gets too much,

it’s get too real.


before you reach for hands,that suddenly aren’t there anymore.


before it becomes too much to carry,and you both start putting down pieces of each other that you promised you would never let go of.


before they lose that dream-like quality before you start to resent waking up next to them.

run before this becomes a bitter ending to your story,

you never liked cliffhangers but that’s what you became.

Run because the only other option is to stay.